• Are you taking any trips in the future?   Creature Comforts Pet Sitting of Seattle has created this handy guide to help deal with trips and your pets:

    Every Pet owner is a caring, loving individual and as such, we want the very best for our pets! So now that you know you’ll be leaving town and have made the important decision of hiring a Pet Sitter, why not make it easier for them to provide you with the highest level of service?

    “But that’s their job!” you say. Yes, indeed. However, when we’ve hired someone to work for us “on the clock”, we want to get our money’s worth and maximize our investment. Just a few small steps and you can ensure your sitter focuses 100% on your Pet Child. Otherwise, your Sitter will have to spend valuable time looking for the doggie leash, digging for the Feline treat or searching for the all so-important meds for your senior pet.

    Here are some user-friendly TIPS to get you going:

  • Pet Area:

Have a designated area of the home where you keep all of your pet’s leashes, food, treats and supplies. Make sure your sitter knows the location of this area. ☺

Pet Medications:

Have a labeled plastic container (I prefer transparent as a visual aide), where you keep all the meds for Fido. If you have more than one pet on medication, have one container per pet. Make sure the label (“Fido’s Medications”), is placed on all sides and the top cover of the container for easy identification.

Place a label or taped piece of paper with the medication instructions on the inside cover. This ensures the instructions are not lost.

Pet Supplies:

Have another plastic container with all the treats, leashes and doggie poo bags attached, again, for easy visual and physical access to the walking and snacking supplies.

Sitter Instructions:

Create a document on your PC/Laptop/Tablet that contains all your Sitter Instructions for when you’re away. Set one hour one day soon and create this document well in advance of a scheduled trip/departure. You can always tweak at a later date.

I have a template of this document and it’s FREE ☺. If you want it, click here: and use the contact form to request the template. Be sure to include in your body “text” that you are requesting the template. Otherwise, I won’t know how I may assist you.

Schedule on your calendar 20 minutes to review and print the “Instructions” document and place it on your fridge, kitchen counter/island, or tape it to the inside of the door your sitter will enter/exit. Do this no later than 72 hours before your trip. You can even laminate this paper for durability.

And last but not least, be sure to pay for a sitter that will spend some quality time with your pet(s) while you are away.

As you know, our pets miss us dearly when we are gone on trips. Animals need and crave stability, especially if you have a rescue dog/cat. ☺

Happy and safe travels!

Matthew Scott

Creature Comforts Pet Sitting of Seattle

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