Pet Sitter

Travel plans?  Check. Pet sitter? Check.
Looks like you are ready for summer! Making sure you have your pet sitter scheduled ahead of time will take the stress off you and your pets.  Planning ahead for pet care is great, but we know the holiday season can get “hairy”. See what I did there?
So, what does your pet sitter need (especially) during the holidays to make sure that you and your pets are able to totally enjoy your holiday? Here is a checklist for you and your pets to make sure you all have what you need:
Plenty of Food for Your Pets:
Summer traveling is hectic. Airports are crowded. Kids are crying. Traffic is a nightmare. Flights changed (again). Now you’re on the verge of tears. The flight will be late. Like, way late. You just realized you didn’t buy a new bag of dog food for Fido. Since you need two more visits before you get home, he won’t have dinner or breakfast. Great…..
Always anticipate 2-3 extra visits worth and/or 2 extra days’ worth of food for ALL pets. While we don’t mind making a trip to the pet store for food, during the holiday season our days are full caring for pets.
Your Flight Plans/Hotel Information:
Let’s face it; technology fails us from time-to-time. We text daily updates to clients, often with pictures of their fur babies. When clients travel out of the country, or even across the U.S., cell phones have sometimes not been reliable. If you are traveling far, please email us your hotel name and phone number OR have a LOCAL (within 30 minutes), emergency contact. You can put the contact in your online account you have registered with us OR email it to us before your trip. Please have a local emergency contact!
Review Our Policies and Procedures:
Here is a short list of our policies:
1. We MUST have a key at the consultation, which we KEEP in our office in a safe box. We do not leave keys under mats, in mailboxes, etc.
2. No other visitors in the home during our contracted pet care days/times. We are the ONLY pet care provider in your home.
3. Payment is due in full prior to the start of us sitting for you.
Medication Instructions:
Have your pets’ medication instructions in your Power Pet Sitter account. If meds change, please email or change the directions in your account. We do not take instructions over the phone, it must be in writing.
Schedule Ahead:
This should have been the first point on the list! Scheduling ahead will ensure your pet’s spot for care. Please make your pets a priority this vacation season (and always)!

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